"It was an absolute pleasure working with you! Your professionalism and attention to detail were remarkable! Your Elton John vocal performance was INCREDIBLE! You sounded just like the real Elton John! I can't thank you enough for contributing to the success of our Hollywood Party and the overall success of our Top Achievers event! I look forward to working together in the future!"

-- Sandy Ellison, Intel Americas, Inc., Puerto Rico

"Our guests continue to rave about Lee's performance as Elton John! His creative talents and showmanship lifted our wonderful celebration into the realm of unforgettable."

-- Dr. Jerid and Allison Fisher, New York, NY

"WOW! That was the most amazing surprise, Elton playing at my birthday party complete with a red piano! All my friends are still talking about it. What an unbelievable entertainer and piano player."

-- Betsy Wiersma, Creative Event Development, Denver, CO

"A surprisingly convincing Elton John Impersonator!"

-- Michelle Marchetti, BizBash Editorial, NYC, New York

"I can’t tell you how impressed I was with you as performer & Professional businessman. I knew you would be easy to work with from our first conversation"

-- Joe Rigotti, Accent on Cincinnati, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

"Especially Impressive! Spectacular performance!"

-- Frank Angeloni, Calabro Cheese Corporation, East Haven, CT

"You are the greatest piano player I have ever seen!"

-- Alan Travaglini, CEO of Sanray Corporation, Meadville, PA

"If it was up to me, I would book you for every event!"

-- Linda Granett, Corporate Events Manhattan, Manhattan, NY

"Your performance as Elton John was truly outstanding!"

-- Barbara Lee Cohen, CEO of Productions USA Inc., Chicago, IL

"Awesome Performance!"

-- Meghan Beaven, Lone Star Attractions, San Antonio, TX

"Now that’s Elton John!"

-- Coca Cola, New Orleans, LA

"Hire this man for any event and let him take it from there, the audience will love him!"

-- Charles Funk, MI Theaters, New Orleans, LA

"Incredible job! Can't wait to work with you again!"

-- Nelson Foster, "Legends in Concert", Boca Raton Resort, Boca Raton, FL

"Your performance was awesome & you are a true Pro." Great working with you and we look forward to the next one!"

-- John McConnell, Executive Producer, Book It Inc, Universal Studios, Fl

"His tone is surprisingly Eltonish... He's very, very good." "The Man is a consummate player, his fingers traipsing along the keyboard as effortlessly as Elton's, producing a startlingly ornate sound." "It's an impressive display & for those who love Elton John's Best-Known hits, an entertaining Show."

-- Tiffany Yates, Naples Daily News

"Impersonator Lee Alverson looks almost exactly like the man with the world’s largest sunglasses collection, and he plays and sings like him, too. Your friends will think you have friends in high places"

-- The Wave Magazine, California